Tat Ito solo exhibition 「ヨナヨナ」

Tat Ito solo exhibition 「ヨナヨナ」



休廊:月曜 – 火曜

Reception:6月29日(土) 17:00 – 19:00

 この度、TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY では、当ギャラリーで2回目となるTat Ito の個展 「ヨナヨナ」 を開催いたします。今回の個展では、「ときの断片」や「幻想の情景」といったテーマを通じて、潜在意識の複雑さと美しさを表現しています。Tat Itoの作品は、視覚的な物語を通じて、鑑賞者が自分自身の想像力と向き合う場を提供することを目指しています。
 是非この機会に、Tat Itoの新作をご高覧頂ければ幸いです。


Ito’s work delves into the layered nature of human experience and perception. His paintings depict realms where reality and imagination intersect, inviting viewers into surreal landscapes and dreamlike scenarios.

 It is important for him to observe things that are partly present and partly absent. Ito documents various fragments discovered in daily life, aiming to understand them and uncover new connections between these pieces.

 In this series, Ito expresses the complexity and beauty of the subconscious through themes like “Fragments of Time” and “Scenery of Phantasm.” The vibrant colors and innovative compositions evoke wonder and curiosity, providing viewers with fresh insights.

 His art strives to create a space where viewers can engage with their own imagination through visual stories. Hope each person can find personal connections and enjoy new discoveries through Ito’s art.

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